Best RV cover to protect your trailer is?

Its summer time and you can go out RVing again to your favorite spot! As you open the door to your RV full of excitement, your quickly slapped in the face. The inside of your beautiful RV is ruined. Leaves are strewn everywhere, bugs are crawling on every space, and even a raccoon has built a nest in your custom leather seats with the gold lettering!

A RV cover made by CalMark Covers can save you thousands of dollars in damage, and is vital, even if your RV stays in a garage.
Best RV Cover

The Best RV cover protects your rig by:

1. Keeping the bugs and rodents out.

2. UV degradation is the number one cause of loss of value. It destroys everything in its path, and we aren’t just talking about a faded paint job. The paint protects the metal and plastic underneath, so if the paint is compromised, the underlying surfaces most likely are, too. Fiberglass also oxidizes, due to UV exposure, as does rubber making it look chalky and old.

You need to consider certain elements before purchasing the Best RV cover for your trailer

1. Type – Looking for rv cover thats your perfect type can be stressful. Like a cover for a camper is very different from that of a motorhome. Thats why CalMark Covers makes each rv cover specifically fro your RV.

2. Size – The correct size of cover will fit snugly over your RV. Measure your RV first, then call CalMark Covers for the best rv cover.

3. Material – The material used to make a rv cover is important. CalMark Covers are 100% USA labor, 100% USA Fabrics, and 100% GUARANTEED using Sunbrella® fabrics.

Why you need the best RV cover

Some RV owners have had bad experiences with covers and would caution you against them. Some of the reasons are:

  • Wind ripping the cover to shreds
  • Sharp edges poking through the covers
  • Breaking components on the roof, that cost thousands to replace, while installing the cover

So, there are numerous reasons why some people would rather not even hear the words “RV” and “cover” in the same sentence. However, we believe a cover is essential because:

  • It provides water protection
  • Water damage can be devastating. As your RV sits there, neglected for months on end, while you wait for spring, water can wreak havoc. It is even worse if there is snow, because freezing makes water expand, and when spring comes and everything melts, it can create an even bigger mess
  • It provides protection from damaging UV rays
  • UV rays deteriorate plastic. Rubber, latex and calking will dry out and deteriorate. Fiberglass will oxidize and your exterior will fade, all because of UV damage. The sun, shining through a window and into the RV, will also cause your furniture to fade. Covers also protect from damage due to heat buildup, as they keep the RV cool
  • It keeps it clean
  • Covering your rv will keep it from getting dust, leaves, bird droppings, and other “dirty” stuff stuck to it

Save money on maintenance, and get yourself the best RV cover on the market and thats a custom CalMark Cover!