CalMark Cover Co. Team

CalMark Motto:  T.E.A.M.  = Total Efforts Achieve Miracles

So together our T.E.A.M. makes Covers !!

For years, framed on a wall at CalMark are these words: "To turn Ordinary into Extraordinary, you put in the Extra" - Author Unknown

Here at CalMark, the entire T.E.A.M. puts in the EXTRA...

Meet the Team

Natalie Miller


DeAnna Martinez

Sales & Customer Service


Cover Sewer


CalMark Mascot

CalMark Cover team member since he was 6 weeks old

Henry Remington

GM & Cover Design Team


Sales & Customer Service


Factory Assistant

Doug Davis

Fast Quote Specialist


Cover Sewer

Gustavo, Roger & Valerie

Past Warehouse Team