Calmark Cover Company

We’re the elite crafters of premium constructed covers for recreational vehicles, trailers, campers, and trucks. Why buy a CalMark cover? Every cover is handmade in Southern California using meticulous construction techniques and exceptional fabrics.

You’ve invested in a recreational vehicle that helps you enjoy a rich, adventurous lifestyle. Whether you have a brand new or recently manufactured RV, or a classic vintage motorhome, a custom CalMark cover protects your investment and preserves its charm, integrity, and condition for years.

How We Make Our Covers

Preserve Your Investment

A high quality cover is one of the best investments you can make in your RV. The average RV is used 19 days per year, and is stored outside for 346 days per year. RVs stored with a cover received 18 times less exposure to natural elements which deteriorate the condition of the vehicle. A CalMark Cover protects your vehicle from weather and preserves its appearance for years.

Ordering a custom CalMark cover

We custom make your cover by hand to the exact dimensions and specifications of your vehicle or trailer. Like a tailored garment designed to last for years, our covers provide superior protection by creating a snug fit, minimizing loose areas, and creating a tight barrier between your vehicle and natural elements like harsh sunlight, dust, sand, debris, rain, birds, insects, and other factors that can cause your vehicle to deteriorate. Please see our Quote Request area for pricing info, and see the level of quality and personalization that is possible. We’re excited to build a beautiful cover for your vehicle.