Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, today’s Recreational Vehicle (RV) is considered a 2nd home.

Unfortunately, that 2nd home must be stored for extended periods of time. exposed to Mother Nature’s wear and tear. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun, air pollutants, snow, dirt and dust all take their toll. The damage will be easy to see. Ugly black streaks, almost impossible to remove, will mar the painted surface. The beautiful exterior surface will fade quickly and you can expect some serious roof repairs after about the second year.

Covering your RV is the best investment you will ever make.
If it is just to keep it clean and ready to go for your next outing, a cover is the only way to go. More importantly, a good cover will prevent all of the damage mentioned above and many years down the road the RV will look as nice as the day you bought it.

NEVER use a plastic tarpaulin to cover your RV. REMEMBER heat rises. RVs have to breathe. Blue plastic tarps ARE NOT BREATHABLE and will cause severe damage to the inside of your RV. You would be much better off not covering it at all. RVs have walls and if the foul air or condensation has nowhere to go, it remains within the walls and eventually you will experience dry rot and black mildew.

Our newest feature allows you to quickly and securely tie down your custom made Calmark Cover. Please contact us for additional details.

Having easy access to your RV when it is covered is, without question, one of the best features to look for when purchasing an RV cover. In addition to the main entrance zipper door, think about a zipper door for your main storage compartment, providing easy access to that as well. At CalMark we put doors in all of our covers and any special requests are invited. We want you to be pleased with your cover.

Purchasing a quality RV cover for long term outdoor storage is no small investment yet it is the best investment you can make for your RV! To make sure you are getting quality fabric for your cover needs, always insist on a sample of the fabric before you purchase the cover. Buyer Beware!

Click Here to Request a Fabric Sample Brochure

If you are able to walk on the top of your RV, we suggest the following method. Tie a rope around the rolled up cover while it is on the ground and throw the rope over the RV. Get up on top and pull the cover up and sit it on the rear of the RV. Unroll the cover toward the front and then unfold it as you work your way back to the ladder. Do not try to adjust the position until you are back on the ground. NEVER try to carry the cover on your shoulder as you climb the ladder.
If you cannot walk on top, give us a call. We will guide you through a couple of other easy methods of installation.

If you take the cover off as follows, it will be that much easier to install the next time.
• Unhook all your friction reducer ties straps and tie downs.
• Push the rear of the cover up and over the top of the ladder.
• Once on top, pull up all the sides and lay the entire cover in the center of the RV just like a long sleeping bag.
• Starting from the front of the RV, roll the cover up towards the rear.
• Drop the rolled up cover directly into a storage box or a storage bin with wheels. (When you go to put on your cover next storage season the first available fabric you pull up, out of the storage bin, will belong on the front.
• Or/ Once you have the long snake of cover fabric length wise on top of your RV, Have a helper at the rear of your RV guiding the fabric directly into your storage wheely bin.

Your CalMark Cover when made will weigh approximately 2 lbs per linear foot. So if you have a 30′ RV the weight of your cover will be approximately 60 pounds.

Some covers in the industry use a non-woven lighter weighted fabric, While they may be lighter, easier to manage and less expensive they have the shortest life span.