Class B RV Covers

Class B RV Covers

A Class-B RV cover from Calmark Cover Company is made to order – cut to fit the exact length, width and height of your RV. It comes with a custom zipper door for easy access and our FSR construction and friction reducer tie straps – AND our exclusive new feature, the “Quick and Easy Tie Down System”.

Made to order with Sunbrella® with a FULL 6-YEAR WARRANTY!

NOTE: To assure that your Class B Motorhome cover is fabricated correctly to the exact length, width and height of your RV, we request that you physically measure the dimensions shown on the two diagrams below.

All CalMark RV covers are breathable, water resistant, non-abrasive and mildew and dry rot resistant.

*Any pictures or photos represented on this site do not necessarily indicate actual color of cover material.

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