Accessory Tire Guards Covers

Accessory Tire Guards Covers

Tire Guard covers from Calmark Cover Company are made to order – Please provide us with the tire size information located on the side wall of the tire to be covered.

Dual Axel Tire Guards orders will need to fill out a dimension sheet that we will provide upon request.

Made to order with Sunbrella® Fabric.

NOTE: To assure that your cover is fabricated correctly to the exact length, width and height of your ​tire guard​, we request that you physically measure the dimensions ​yourself, using our dimension sheets.​

PLEASE DO NOT USE MANUFACTURERS SPECS. ​If we have not already provided you with a dimension sheet during our Fast Quote process, or you have additional custom needs, please email or call us at (800) 838-7236. ​Always feel free to call or email questions on how to measure.

All Tire Guards covers are breathable, water resistant, non-abrasive and mildew and dry rot resistant.

Please note:  Tire Guards are exposed additional outdoor elements such as salted snow, animal erosion from chewing or urination and therefore are not covered under the 6 year warranty.

*Any pictures or photos represented on this site do not necessarily indicate actual color of cover material.