Protecting your 5th Wheel Trailer

The biggest investments you will make in life are your home, 5th wheel trailer, and car. It is easy to rake up some leaves and mow your lawn at your home when it is not looking its best and it is not costly to simply give your car a wash when those hard water drops stain it. We know it is not that simple and definitely not cheap when you find that your 5th wheel trailer has undergone some damage. Here at Calmark Covers we understand that your money should not be spent regrettably when you find that your 5th wheel trailer has not been protected from the elements. Our 5th wheel trailer covers will ensure that your 5th wheel trailer gets all the protection it needs to keep restoring the look it had been you first invested in it.

Besides putting your 5th wheel trailer in a building, a fifth wheel cover is the best protection currently available. What needs protecting that a home or a car doesn’t need? Let’s start with the roof. RV roofs are usually made from rubber or plastic, these roofs only protect the RV to a point. It’s much like the roof at your home property. There’s only so much it can take before it begins to break down. Which is why, much like RV roofs, it’s advised to get those replaced once every 10 years. For your home, you can look into roofing austin texas firms that specialise in roof repairs, but for your RV, uoi#d need to take this back to the manufacturer.

The seams of these roofs always find a way to fail, even when using sealing. When these roofs are covered they last longer because they are being protected from UV and moisture and if the seams do fail no damage occurs because it is beneath the cover.

5th Wheel Trailer Covers

You may be thinking, “Can’t I just use a tarp to cover my roof?” Well, the sides of your fifth wheel trailer need protecting too and tarps only protect your roof. This leaves the side of your fifth wheel trailer open to exposure to UV and moisture. This can cause faded siding and end caps; dried out windows, doors, and other seals; and black streaks that soak into the finishing and never come out. If you’re currently deciding which method would be best to protect your RV, it might be worth considering metal buildings. These can shelter your RV from the elements and protect them from any damage. Other options include a cover, and even putting the RV in a storage facility when it’s not being used.

Regular maintaining of your 5th wheel trailer can keep these things from happening, but we know that your jobs, family life and other investments can keep you from giving all your attention to your 5th wheel trailer. Luckily, an 5th wheel trailer cover can do that for you.

All Calmark Covers come with exclusive FSR roof construction for longevity and strength, one zipper door entry, invisible backed zipper to prevent scratching, double stitched seams for strength, extra fabric and glue repair kit, and ample oxidized tie down straps with quick and easy release buckles. Get one today by calling (805) 486-3863.