Top Travel Trailer Accessories for this up coming summer

Whether you’ve been dying to hit the road for the first time, you’re a weekend traveler, or you are a travel trailer expert, here are #CalMarkCovers travel trailer accessories that you should consider. Having them along will make life on the open road a bit easier and provide added comfort. With the right travel trailer accessories, you can have everyday conveniences, regardless of where you are.

Travel Trailer Accessories | Technology

Satellite TV For Your RV or Travel Trailer Having the programming that you are used to, no matter where you are, is as simple as getting the Dish Tailgater with pay as you go service. With the small tailgater satellite and the dish receiver, you’ll have your dish programming with you, including your local channels. The pay as you go service allows you to turn it on and off according to your travel needs.

HughesNet Hughes Net is known for providing internet service to rural locations throughout the United States. In fact, they provide service to many households that otherwise would’ve been left with outdated dial up. Now Hughes Net has stepped it up a notch by providing portable internet with additional equipment designed to provide service from any location.

RV Solar Panel Kit Having an RV solar kit with you allows you to keep those devices charged, no matter where you find yourself. It’s true that parks are set up with power options; however, this shouldn’t automatically be assumed. After all, on occasion, parks are filled to capacity, requiring travel trailers to park in a lot without power. Also, if you have driven to the middle of nowhere to experience true nature, you probably won’t have much access to power. Having a solar kit will allow you to harness the power of the sun and keep those devices charged and usable.

Travel Trailer Accessories | Comfort

Gila Heat Control Window Film – From the west coast to the east coast, you’ll come across several breathtaking locations that would be perfect, if only the heat would die down just slightly. By adding heat control window film to your windows, you can cut down the suns heat by up to 70%. This reduces the amount of time that you have to keep your overhead air conditioner running. This means that you can maintain a comfortable temperature indoors without having to hear a constant buzz from your air conditioner in the background. Installing the window film can be time consuming; however, it’s well worth it in the end.

Outdoor Fold Up Tables and Chairs Bringing along your own fold up table and chairs can dramatically improve your level of comfort. Sometimes you might find yourself in locations with picnic tables that have seen better days. Having your own allows you to enjoy an evening outside without having to deal with splinters and general dirt and grime.

Natural Mosquito Trap One drawback of visiting many places while traveling is the constant attack by those little blood suckers. The One Acre natural Mosquito Trap, entices mosquitoes, traps them, and then kills them, all without harmful chemicals. It does cost more than basic propane-run systems, but it’s also better for you and the entire environment.

Travel Trailer Accessories | Little Conveniences

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker Wether you’re a coffee lover or not, you still more than likely want the occasional cup of java. With the Aero Press, you get to have a bold, flavorful cup on demand in less than a minute. And as a bonus, it takes up minimal space, it’s made of heavy duty plastic, and it basically reduces the need to worry with a bulky coffee machine.

Hamilton Beach Portable Frozen Drink Maker Regardless of whether you’re sizzling from the heat or you just want a frozen Banana Daiquiri by the campfire, a portable frozen drink maker is the ticket to having what you need, wherever you want it. This must-have trailer accessory is battery operated, and can be bought on a small to large scale.

Outdoor Serving Tray Considering that more often than not, dinners are made half inside and half outside, having an outdoor serving tray can be quite the convenience. Having one allows you to place food, condiments and added utensils on the tray, thereby reducing four or five trips into one or two. Additionally, cleaning will be a breeze.

Going away from home doesn’t mean you have to give up the luxuries of home. These top travel trailer accessories will ensure you’ll be connected and comfortable while on the road. With a little shopping and preparation, you can make your life in a traveling home a little more like home. But don’t forget the most important travel trailer accessories at that’s a Custom Travel Trailer Cover by CalMark Covers